26 March 2020

Operational and organizational updates

In order to comply with the statements of the Italian government of March 22nd 2020 and with the aim of actively contributing to the reduction of […]
3 March 2020

We invest in growth for better results

Training employees to achieve better results: internal training has always been a priority for Argo Tractors. This is why in 2017 we launched a three-year training […]
20 January 2020

Il Landinista and McC Power Technology: the new issues of Argo Tractors magazines are ready

The new issues of Il Landinista and McC Power Technology, the magazines of Landini and McCormick, are available on the websites of the respective brands of […]
15 January 2020

New General Manager of Argo Tractors’ German branch Günter Ordnung takes the helm at Argo GmbH

New General Manager for the German branch of Argo Tractors, the industrial group based in Italy. On 1 January 2020 Günter Ordnung took over the management […]
13 January 2020

Argo Tractors: double-digit growth for the European dealer network in 2019

Four new dealers in Italy, six in Spain, ten in the United Kingdom and the Irish Republic and nine in France: the distribution network of Argo […]
7 November 2019

Heydenrych named new director of Argo Industrial Pty S.A. A changing of the guard at the South African subsidiary of Argo Tractors

Godfried Heydenrych has been named as the new director of Argo South Africa, the South African subsidiary of Argo Tractors, the global player based in Fabbrico, […]
15 October 2019

Inaugurated at Vaulx-Milieu the new site of the French branch of Argo Tractors

In less than one year since the first corner stone was laid, the new site of Argo France, the French branch of Argo Tractors has been […]
30 September 2019

Argo Tractors invests in the future

In order to continue offering innovative, efficient and competitive products, adequate investments need to be made: that’s why Argo Tractors began improving and upgrading its production […]
11 September 2019

The 4.0 transformation of Argo Tractors

Argo Tractors’ Digital Transformation project began in November 2017, at the opening of the Agritechnica trade fair in Hannover, Germany. It was at that time that […]
10 September 2019

Innovation in Argo Tractors’ manufacture

The Argo Tractors plants underwent thorough renovation, with sweeping changes including the restructuring of manufacturing halls and the introduction of new digital equipment. These changes served a twofold […]

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