We invest in growth for better results

Formazione per la crescita di Argo Tractors

Training employees to achieve better results: internal training has always been a priority for Argo Tractors. This is why in 2017 we launched a three-year training plan for a total of more than 34,000 hours.

In fact, we are creating a true corporate academy, in which employees are involved on several fronts: in addition to external consultants, our teaching staff includes more than 50 employees, chosen for their skills and teaching experience.

With regard to training, all employees are involved in classroom activities, individual or on-the-job coaching and remote learning.

Training activities and skills

The training offering is very broad and includes in-depth training in all sectors, on fundamental topics such as technological growth, innovation, production management and distribution.

As far as production is concerned, specific training focused on enhancing technical skills in hydraulics, mechatronics and transmission technology. With regard to management, training deals with such topics as Industry 4.0, production scheduling, logistics and procurement, quality management system, shipping, digitalization 4.0 (CRM, new configurator, e-commerce catalogue), management and business software, as well as specific training in foreign languages.

And there’s more to this project: training will also cover the development of soft skills, such as leadership development, communication skills, team building, without neglecting the training of internal trainers.

For us at Argo Tractors, the growth of product quality is achieved through the growth of people and the continuous upgrading of employees’ skills. It is precisely to encourage personal growth and a sense of belonging at the company that we chose to create classes with people from different departments, so as to allow proactive, cross-department interaction and involvement.

The project was very positively received by all employees, who found the offering for individual and group growth in the plan positive and stimulating. The plan strengthens and consolidates the sense of belonging at a company that believes in people and ongoing improvement.

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