This is the historic brand, standard-bearer of the “Made in Italy” concept par excellence. It is well known throughout the world, with a dominating standing in the Mediterranean area, in central Europe and in the emerging countries. Established way back in 1884, Landini is now known for its reliable, sturdily built products, result of the experience of a long tradition that represents the foundation on which the current innovation process has been based. The Landini brand has evolved over the years and has faced the future with great dynamism and a far-sighted outlook so as to offer concrete solutions for the farming world. With their aggressive look, modern styling and pioneering technologies, Landini tractors now excel in all power brackets, whether they are for specialistic uses in vineyards or orchards, crawler models or designed for open field work with up to 230 HP power ratings.


A brand of worldwide renown and a historic name in English-speaking countries, McCormick is extremely popular in North Europe and Central North America, where it was established in 1831. McCormick has always been acknowledged by the market for high quality construction and advanced technology, features that make this brand of tractors ideal for the most demanding and professional users. McCormick now produces a comprehensive range that suits a market mainly centered on machines for open field work featuring particularly high-level technology.


This brand is dedicated to specialistic and niche products with groundbreaking and exclusive technical characteristics for agricultural and ground care purposes.